Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beehive House Tour

It's field trip time! Mike, Hyrum, and Dave (a listener from out of state), visited the Beehive House. Take this tour with us of a house that belonged to the leader of the 'Brighamites.' Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.

Originally published on December 3, 2005

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handmaiden said...

Nice blog. Gonna visit more often. :)

Martha Brotherton Young said...

This podcast should leave no doubt that the church is duplicitous in misleading potential converts about polygamy.

If I could offer a suggestion for future Beehive tours (if you plan on doing anymore):
I believe it would be more fruitful to go as an LDS apologist for the church. Those ladies saw you as trying to destroy their testimony or shake their faith and so the blinders went up.

It would be interesting to see you go as an apologist who is documenting and researching if myths are being spread about polygamy in the tours. Give them the impression you are there to prove the critics wrong who say the Beehive house has been wilfully deceiving potential converts about polygamy. I believe they will feel a greater responsibility to be honest in the history they present and more open minded to learn what falsehoods they were innocently spreading.

This would give you the upperhand in discussing the real history-
Let them know that the church has been having problems with converts feeling misled about polygamy and leaving the church because they felt deceived. Come armed with all the correct information from LDS sources (namely Todd Compton's work) and this will give you a better chance to straighten out the myths they tell you in the tour. They will listen to a believer.

Jaron said...

Wow! That was cringe listening! :D I was so close to turning it off when Mike started voicing his concerns about the Sister tour guides explanation on polygamy. I was quite surprised that Mike had the guff to bring that up and equally surprised that the Sister cut him off so sharply! GJ Mike I know I probably would not have been able to do that.

For what it's worth... the younger sounding tour guide sounds hot! And she certainly did reprove with sharpness. I'm not sure why I'm saying "tour guide" they are clearly missionaries.

I'm also kind of confused as to why Mike and Hyrum are taking the tour with a pretty high degree of deception involved. They are asking questions that they know the answers to.